Proofreading - a superficial check
Your text is examined twice and checked for typographical errors (spelling, capitalization, etc.), punctuation (commas), and grammar.

When proofreading, I do not move or remove any text, nor do I make any suggestions for improvements in style and flow.

Editing - an in-depth examination
I will first proofread your text. I may then restructure, rewrite, move, or omit sentences and paragraphs to improve the clarity and flow of your text. I may correct slang, rephrase clichés, and attempt toward a style that fits the purpose of your text.

Your text will be clear, easy to read and free from orthographic and grammatical errors. By agreement with you I may do some fact checking and verification of the contents.

Additional services

I format your scientific manuscript (text, tables, figures, references) according to the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals (ref. - link opens in a new tab)

I offer affordable English-to-Norwegian and Norwegian-to-English translation.